Starts Sunday,
April 23, 2023

Southwest MO Area – Niangua, MO // I23

Perspectives is a fifteen-lesson education course exploring different aspects of God’s global purpose in a multi-faceted learning experience.

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date & time

Sunday, April 23


Thursday, January 1


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Participate in dynamic content from multiple instructors, class activities, and readings by leading theologians, missiologists, and practitioners of our day. 

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What is Perspectives? What is Perspectives?

What is Perspectives?

Perspectives is an awe-inspiring comprehensive course that has profoundly impacted hundreds of thousands of students during the past 45+ years. From Genesis to the prophets, Jesus to the early Church, and St. Augustine to the present, students learn how God moves, how the global Church responds, and the remaining task of world evangelization.

Perspectives isn’t a course solely about world missions. It’s a study program rooted in Scripture clarifying each believer’s remarkable opportunity to co-labor with God in His global purpose.