About Perspectives

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Perspectives is made up of three components.

Perspectives is a Movement
Perspectives is a global movement that is awakening the Body of Christ to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people group for His glory.

We are mobilizing by educating God’s people to strategic engagement in the extraordinary privilege of co-laboring with God in his mission to evangelize all people groups.

Perspectives is an Education Course
Perspectives is an awe-inspiring comprehensive study course that is rooted in the Scriptures. It’s a multi-faceted learning experience that has profoundly impacted over 250,000 alumni.

Perspectives is a fifteen-lesson education course exploring different aspects of God’s global purpose. The course examines the story of God fulfilling His promises from four vantage points or “perspectives”— Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic.

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Perspectives is an Organization
Perspectives USA is the governing organization that oversees and facilitates the Perspectives course in the United States.

Thousands of volunteers, staff, and supporters make up this family of passionate, missional, caring followers of Jesus who are eager to co-labor with Him as He unfolds the living story of His glory.

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