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Perspectives USA is the governing organization that oversees and facilitates the Perspectives course in the United States. An essential component of Perspectives USA is mobilizing leaders of the Perspectives movement in the US. We equip, enable, and encourage instructors, coordinators, and volunteers to conduct the course locally, lead class sessions, teach lessons, and develop authentic mentoring relationships. A biblically robust set of values guide and empower our staff, leaders, and volunteers in their unique roles to accomplish the vision and mission of Perspectives USA.


The Body of Christ awakened to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people for His glory.



To mobilize by educating the Body of Christ in the USA to strategic engagement in God’s global purpose.
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Dependence on God

We are dependent on God in all we are and in all we do. One among many ways we express this dependence, is through the discipline of prayer. It is also expressed through our attitude and motives which are characterized by humility and faith.

Christ-Like Relationships

First and foremost, Perspectives workers are followers of Jesus. As His followers, we honor Him in all of our relationships. We practice the “one-another” commands of the New Testament as a way of fulfilling Jesus’ command to love one another (John 13:34).


We bring our best effort to all we do in Perspectives as unto the Lord (Col. 3:23-24). We pursue improvement in all areas of ministry including classes, instruction, administration, and relationships. Rather than chasing slick perfectionism, we do the best with what God has given us and conduct ministry with integrity, quality, and appropriate professionalism.

Continuous Learning

We are people of inquiry. We strive to understand the purposes of God with growing depth and clarity. We pursue continuous learning with respect to theology, missiology, and the scriptures. We also grow in personal and professional skills.


Everyone involved is dedicated because we are called. We are motivated by our vision and the sending grace of God rather than to gain influence over others, or to gain financially. Dedication also means we are dependable, motivated, pro-active, and broadly self-directed while committed to the practice of teamwork.

Transformative Education

We seek a quality to our mobilization and education efforts that causes transformation in people’s lives and in the Body of Christ. Transformative education includes the expansion of the mind and heart and a reorientation of life leading to obedience. It’s facilitated through consciously directed and relational processes.


We nurture deliberate and defined relationships with others who will co-labor with us in our mission. This includes individuals, churches, and other agencies. We seek a broad, objective, and neutral embrace of the many diverse Christian movements, agencies, denominations, churches, and theological streams that also embrace the Lausanne Covenant and pursue the completion of world evangelization. Our desire is that our mobilization efforts extend to all demographics including those of gender, ethnicity, location, and socio-economics.

Leadership Development

The Perspectives movement is dependent on the continuous formation of leaders. The development of leaders requires a personal, relational approach rather than only through “systems” or processes. We pursue Christlike servant models of leading. We also want to develop leaders who in turn develop leaders. We value leaders and workers who are proactive team-based problem solvers.


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