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The Perspectives Coordinating Team is the core group of alumni who’ve caught the vision and decide to serve by organizing and running a local class. The launch of new classes is because passionate alumni want to offer the same experience to their community. Excellent two-day training with ongoing support and guidance is available for Lead Coordinators and their team.


a Class

Coordinating a Class Coordinating a Class Coordinating a Class

Most Perspectives classes run on a semester basis, which we call Spring (January-May), Summer (June-July), and Fall (August-December). Planning documents must be approved by the Regional Director approximately four months before class starts. 


A Certified Coordinator is required to submit a Class Notice Form to the Regional Director to begin the planning process. The planning process includes developing strategies necessary for a successful class. The specific strategies are owned by the Lead Coordinator and supported by the regional team. Our prayer is the class will result in the launch of other classes as the Lead Coordinator chooses to coordinate again or will raise up more Lead Coordinators to continue mobilizing the community.

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Lead Coordinator

A Lead Coordinator is essential to running a class. The Lead Coordinator is Certified to lead a team and complete the planning documentation to offer a class in a specific semester. Below are the qualifications to be a Certified Coordinator.

Perspectives Certificate or Credit Alumni 

Affirmation of the 1974 Lausanne Covenant as Doctrinal Alignment

Completed the Coordinator Application

Attend a Perspectives Coordinating Team Workshop

Coordinating Team Coordinating Team Coordinating Team



In addition to the Lead Coordinator, Perspectives classes require a team of volunteers to serve students in their journey through the Perspectives course. Volunteer service opportunities include:

Coordinating Team Workshop

The Coordinating Team Workshop is a two-day workshop that equips you to use your skills and gifts to partner with Perspectives to mobilize the Body of Christ in your area. You can impact your community by helping an existing class thrive or expand the momentum to other areas by launching a course in a new location. It’s open for the whole team to train together and is especially beneficial for the Recruitment Team Leader and Facilitator. There is a tremendous benefit when a team comes together, and the Lead Coordinator doesn’t have to be responsible for training the whole team.

These workshops also provide an opportunity to express our value of partnership with churches. Churches may select their members and send them to the Workshop. Also, those interested may request funds from churches to cover scholarships for workshop fees and reimbursements for travel.

Four Primary Objectives


Understand the history of Perspectives USA and how your class fits into this global movement.


Get equipped to be an educator and learn how to conduct a Perspectives class as we model activities and provide excellent resources.

Team Building

Learn how to lead a team and build relationships in your region. Grasp the importance of a Coordinating Team and begin shaping your team.


Learn the process of building and administering the course. You’ll leave equipped with the skills and tools to conduct the course confidently.

Questions? Questions?

Interested in learning more about Coordinating Perspectives? Reach out to your Regional Director! Your Regional Director will be delighted to connect with you to discuss what it looks like to have Perspectives in your area.