Instructor Application

Certificate or Credit Alumni

Thank you for your desire to partner with us in mobilizing the Body of Christ to strategic engagement in God’s global purpose by becoming a Perspectives Instructor. We highly value our Instructors and the important contribution they make to the overall Perspectives experience.


You will be asked to provide contact information for 1 pastoral reference and 1 professional reference. We will then send a confidential reference form for those individuals to complete on your behalf. Your application will be reviewed by the Instructor Development Department and your Regional Director.

After review of your application and two references, we will connect with you regarding the status of your application, as well as next steps (if applicable).

Key Reading Alumni or Non-Alumni

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Instructor. If you are a Key Reading alumni or non-alumni, you do not yet qualify because you have not completed Perspectives at the Certificate or Credit level. Please consider finding a class near you or registering for an online class. 

If you believe you are a Certificate or Credit alumni or took Perspectives before 2012, please fill out the form below.