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Lessons (Bib-His)

Airfare Cancellation Procedure

This procedure explains who is responsible and what steps need to be taken when airfare has been booked by the Instructor but needs to be canceled.

Big 6

Class Hosting Agreement

Coordinating Team Workshop – Manual

The manual for the Coordination Team Workshop.

Coordinating Team Workshop – Trainer’s Manual

A trainer’s manual for leading a Coordinating Team Workshop.

Coordinating Team Workshop – Workbook

The workbook for the Coordinating Team Workshop.

Coordinator Journey

Visual Map of the Coordinator Journey

External Resources for Recruitment

A list of linked video resources for promotion and recruitment.

Info Center – Year Cycle

Important Dates and Deadlines

Instructor Application and Onboarding Process

This documents describes the requirements and process for applying and onboarding as new Perspectives USA Instructors

Instructor Approval and Certification Requirements Policy

This policy outlines the qualifications and requirements for approval and certification of Perspectives USA Instructors

Instructor Honorarium Policy

Honorarium guidelines for Perspectives Instructors

Instructor Reimbursement Policy

This policy covers standards and guidelines for reimbursing Instructor expenses incurred while teaching a Perspectives class.

Lesson 1 – Class Lesson Plan Template

A template to create a lesson plan.

Lesson 1 – Example Lesson Plan

A example lesson plan.